Madhouse by rihanna dance And

Madhouse by rihanna dance

And once you start questioning a single aspect of the cuts, it s difficult to stop. Sadly, a fun day of chatting to passers-by and and spreading the bad news was marred near the end by the arrest of two of my fellow protesters. Having had a significant police escort during the previous three hours of our protest I personally had a two officer escort while walking down the street on the way to Vodafone the police suddenly decided that they had had enough. Using what I would describe as a reasonable amount of force they began pushing several protesters, who had been stood just outside the front door of BHS for half an hour with a banner, out onto the pavement. From where I was standing, and witness statements taken later on agree with me, one officer was clearly worked up and then pushed one of the female protesters to the ground and then jerked her arm up behind her back to handcuff her. This obviously caused her a lot of distress and pain and I vividly remember that she was led away in tears. Given that our protest had been entirely peaceful and was clearly going to remain that way, I found this both unreasonably brutal and unnecessary, as did a number of passers-by. I hope A4636 feels remorse for his violent conduct, but I would like to stress that the police officers were highly professional during our protest, with two even giving me hugs, though I disagree with the grounds on which my fellow protesters were arrested and think that they have a case for wrongful arrest. Afterwards followed a four hour long demonstration outside St. Leonard s Police station with varying amounts of attendees and energy which eventually saw the release of our fellow UnCutters who were charged with breach of the peace. Ultimately, the intimidation tactics being used by the police are simply not going to work. As we have seen, twice as many people turned up for our latest action after the police arrested Bright Green co-editor Alasdair Thompson at the protest before. We will continue spreading the bad news and we will continue to do so through legal and peaceful means. Corporate tax avoidance is theft from those of us who don t have special loopholes built into our tax code, or a house out in Monaco. The number of people angry about it is growing. Denouncing tax dodging by big companies and opposing cuts in public services, people took action at Boots, Vodaphone and BHS shops in Edinburgh on Saturday 28 May. Imaginative street theatre saw tax avoiding bosses detained by the Big Society Revenue and Customs Inspectors. But police acted to defend the tax-dodging criminals against Edinburgh Uncut s protests, arresting, detaining and charging two women. After several hours of peaceful protest at three city centre shops, police suddenly grabbed two women at British Home Stores on Princes Street. One woman fell to the ground. Police twisted her arms behind her back and handcuffed her, causing her pain and distress. The prisoners were taken to St Leonards and people quickly descended on the police station in solidarity, numbers later swelling as around 40-50 people arrived from the Reclaim the Night march. The women were released after around 5 hours in custody. Both were charged with Breach of the Peace and madhouse by rihanna dance woman who was hurt by the police was also charged with Resisting Arrest. Action had started earlier at Boots on North Bridge, where staff and customers alike were astonished as Boots boss Stefano Pessina madhouse by rihanna dance an surprise visit to the store. However his boasts that he had avoided millions in tax by closing down Boots HQ in Nottingham, sacking all the workers, and replacing it by a PO box in Switzerland provoked outrage and angry shouts of You re a class enemy! Big Society Revenue and Customs Inspectors quickly moved to detain the corporate criminal, handcuffing him and holding him behind crime scene tape. His pathetic pleas that he would shop his fellow swindlers in the boss class if shown leniency were ignored. Meanwhile passers-by eagerly took leaflets explaining how giant companies were robbing the public of billions in tax while the Condem government falsely claimed their coffers were empty and ordinary people had to suffer cuts. Tax avoidance loopholes allow the rich to escape paying an estimated So may my finish-line match my start. Hippolytos Because you want to travel across time and space. There s a word in Greek: akuratos. It means uncut, unharvested, untouched, inviolate, pure, perfect. If translation in any form is a beautiful, treacherous and radical art a bit like alchemy, or shape-shifting, or dancing, or dying, or writing poems then translating the classics is more beautiful, and more treacherous, and more radical. It s a kind of madhouse by rihanna dance time travel. You have to convey, wholly and purely, the writer s way of expressing and understanding the world. You are thrust into a vortex of inexact equations and surreal paradoxes. In transforming someone s words, you risk destroying them, turning them into a pile of babble or ashes or dust. I say this as someone who writes in only one language in the translation world, I am a limbless girl watching the ballet. It makes me weep. I can feel how to pirouette with my phantom limbs.

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