The village soundtrack He is

The village soundtrack

He is now weeks away from where the rest of the world thinks he is. In effect, Crowhurst has become trapped by his own lies: He cant quit without being found out but he knows that to enter the Southern Ocean in a leaking boat would be suicidal. Meanwhile, Knox-Johnson and Moitessier are battling to be the first man home. But after rounding Cape Horn at the southern tip of South America, Moitessier sends a message back to his wife in France. Unable to contemplate life on dry land, he says that he is going to continue around the world a second time. For him the journey is everything and the destination is nothing. This leaves the path clear for Know-Johnson to claim the crown as the first man to sail alone, non-stop around the world. Thousands of well wishers turn out to watch his triumphant return to Falmouth on April 22, 1969 as he takes his first steps on land in 10 months. That leaves Tetley and Crowhurst to battle it out for the prize money for fastest time. Crowhursts wife has heard nothing from him for weeks and fears for his safety. But Crowhurst has been the village soundtrack his time off the coast of South America waiting for the race to catch up to him. He makes an illegal landing in a remote Argentine bay for repairs. The local coastguard, unaware of his predicament, gives him timber and screws to fix his boat before he heads back to sea. In the eyes of the world, Tetley and Crowhurst the naval man and the inventor are both competing in their trimarans to set the fastest time. To avoid close scrutiny of his logbooks by the judges, Crowhurst is intent on coming in a close second. In a radio message to his PR man Hallworth, his first in three months, Crowhurst reports that he will be unable to catch Tetley. Nonetheless, Crowhursts family is ecstatic that he is safe and heading home. His wife begins to prepare for his return and wonders if his personality will be changed after spending nine Believing that Crowhurst is hot on his heels, Tetley pushes his boat so hard that it breaks apart beneath him. He is rescued off the Azores. This means Crowhurst is the certain winner of the race. But he knows that if he goes back to England his fraudulent journey will be exposed and he will face total humiliation. As preparations are made for his triumphant return, Crowhurst stops sailing and sets his boat adrift. He pens a 25, 000-word tract on God, human history and time travel. He starts counting down to the village soundtrack moment he will attempt to think himself into a cosmic being, and sets a time for when he will resign the game of being human. At 11 oclock, 20 minutes, 40 seconds, Crowhurst lays out his logbooks and sound recordings in his cabin before stepping off the side of his boat after 243 days at sea. The drifting boat is found and Crowhursts wife is told that the Teignmouth Electron had been abandoned in the Atlantic. As the griefstricken family struggles to come to terms with his death, the PR man Hallworth flies out to collect the logbooks and the film recordings of the voyage. He informs the widow that her husband never went around the world, and then sells the logbooks to a British newspaper. Crowhursts body is never recovered. Teignmouth Electron was towed to Cayman Brac, an island in the West Indies, where it remains rotting to this day in Deep Water. DIRECTORS: Louise Osmond, Jerry Rothwell Leaf spring suspension, 2 5/16 ball hitch swivel jack Powder coated, heavy duty 10 gauge steel swing-away tongue 7GPM at 3500 PSI cleans quickly and thoroughly Completely self sufficient; saddle boxes store hoses Stop safely, and easily start the burner generator 50 pressure hose included; supply garden hose not included 1785 Lbs.

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