Crossing over with john edward part 1

Crossing over with john edward part 1

I follow the recomendations on this site. But it does not help. After installing K-Lite Codec Pack 570 full the BD Rebuilder start to encode. And now finish convert bd50 to bd25 Batman: begins Hi Adub, I see there s an update for BD Rebuilder, is it a good thing to update it? How do I process? Do I crossing over with john edward part 1 update? What about the FFDSHOW, AVISYNTH 57 and others packages that have to be installed in the right order the first time. Updating BD Rebuilder is always a good idea. FFDShow on the other hand, may not be such a good idea. If you are on Windows 7, and you have a fully functioning setup, then there really is little point to updating FFDShow. Sure it is good theoretically, but BD Rebuilder on Windows 7 is a little precarious. If it ain t broke, don t fix it. If you feel that you really know what your doing and how your decoding chains work like I do, then yes you can update all of your software. But this is a severe IF. Good question though, Raul. I hope I answered it in it s entirety. Hi Adub, i desinstall the codec pack ans reinstall the programs wich are in the BD page one by one. Run the BD rebuilder and get this msg. 12:18:17 BD Rebuilder v 02 beta Approximate total content: 02:51: 584 12:18:17 PHASE ONE, Encoding Rate/Length: 976fps, 8, 160 frames 12:18:22 Reencoding: VID00015, Pass 1 of 1 Reached retry limit. Aborting. 12:21:24 Failed video encode, aborted The I gone to the ffdshow configuration, put MPEG-2 set lo libavcode and VC-1 to wmv9 and DONE, all work perfect even VC1 movies or NO VC1, all work perfect. Thanks alot Adub for your patience. If I can contribute with something, aopunt with me. I m glad that you got it working perfectly Alex! It s good news! Hi everybody, same problem as Alex. Try to set manually in ffdshow but video encode fails anyway. If you have the same problem as Alex, did you follow the same steps as Alex? Mainly, follow the authors instructions, step by step, in order. I can already tell crossing over with john edward part 1 your info that you have not done so. If you don t want to do what the author said, at least check to make sure that you can load a VC-1 encoded normally. Create an AVS file using Directshowsource for your source and see if you can preview it.

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