Shark attacks on humans Who

Shark attacks on humans

Who until this series, I wish I could get my wife to take interest in it, maybe this would help. Then maybe I could see the earlier ones. Phil has a man-crush on Matt Smith! The 70s version is definitely cheesy. But the upside is that the new series is still cheesy in a new way. Missed you at W00tstock Dallas. You missed out on a great evening I go ding when there s stuff. Am I wrong for thinking the Adipose was a good idea that just needed better implementation? Personally somewhat disappointed there wasn t a Dalek reference in the above post EXTERMINATE! Here s to hoping for the DVD not blu ray set Dr Who! Tweet handle bikermanjohn. Thanks for spreading excitement for Astronomy! This comment will be exterrrrminated! I need these for my husband, so he can stop filling all of the internet-tubes into our house with various sci-fi from Netflix Also, I really liked the story arcs from this season. Our local BT box is overrun by Ivy and Nettles. I was reminded of a Patrick Troughton series the Keys to Time I think! The Dream Lord and The Lodger were the best episodes of this season. All other episodes can be forgiven because these exist. Roll on season 6 and Neil Gaiman s haunted dolls house story! I ve been hoping someone would give one of these away! I unfortunately didn t get the Battlestar series that Syfy gave away Maybe I ll have better luck this time. I ve only recently gotten in to Doctor Who. I would be super stoked to win this pack! This comment is void where prohibited. I still haven t seen the end of the all-movie season, darn you Netflix, but oh this would be great. This might just be the kick I need to start watching the new series. Actually, a fellow in a bowtie just tipped that when he s from, I ve already won this. Be silly not to take a chance on this. My girlfriend loves all things Doctor Who. I should be jealous, but as long as she doesn t disappear into some stranger s police box I m willing to get her anything that will make her happy. Amy Pond is the best of the modern companions, I m glad she ll be in the next series too. Is this the part where I starting humming the Doctor Who theme song? I need some more motivation to get a Blu-Ray player. Editor in Chief, Head Writer Managing Editor, /Filmcast Much as previous generations believe you can tell everything about a person whether or not they love The Beatles or Elvis, you can tell a lot about a film fan depending on their opinions of Citizen Kane. The film is like a lightning rod in the movie blogosphere where you ve either seen it and love it, respect it, hate it because it s been built up too much or don t even care to watch it. No matter which statement best describes you, there s no denying that Orson Welles 1941 masterpiece set out what it was meant to do: spawn discussion, debate, and show film lovers everywhere just what this little medium we call movies is capable of. Now, 70 years after Kane was released in theaters, Warner Bros. is doing a frame by frame high definition restoration so they can release the film on Blu-ray September Read more about the package after the jump. Read More So say we all. Whether you ve seen Battlestar Galactica before, or have been meaning to see it, today is the day to pull the trigger. Wednesday s Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day is 60% off Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series either on DVD or Blu-ray, which means they re only 77 or 114 respectively. What the frak are you waiting for? This will sell out quick. Six months ago, we ran an article saying that Jurassic Park would be coming to Blu-ray in 2011 and now Universal Pictures has confirmed that to be true.

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