The ecocentrics esclavo Or

The ecocentrics esclavo

Or talking about a movie just after I get an idea that can be turned into a movie, that is the most pleasant time. After that, production starts and so does the misery. Question: How about your next movie? Miyazaki: After finishing a movie, I want to make one that is quite different. For example, a live action movie might be nice. However, Im sure we cant recover the costs. Itll take a lot of money. When I told Suzuki about it, he replied that he would only permit a 30 million Yen budget laughing. With such small money its impossible to make any kind of movie. Anyway, I dont think I must make animation only. No problem with live action. To tell the truth, I have a clear idea about what I want to make, though Ill never tell other people what it is note: the way Miyazaki speaks does not imply he will surely make a live-action film, but rather leaves all options open. Furthermore, Miyazaki gave a lecture on Hotta Yoshie, containing some rather abstract subjects. Following is a short extract: Hotta was like a coordinate to me that always showed us where we were. When sailing in this world, we often fell into left or stray into right on a tidal stream or due to some big waves. When we lost our position on the ocean, looking at Hotta s work showed us where drifted to and where to go to. He was like a towering rock that never moved. Once, I happened to meet him and he told me, How about making Houjouki Shiki into an animated feature? Ill give it to you. When I read it I usually read books in my bed I felt I had been in the Kamakura era the ecocentrics esclavo about 800 years ago. I thought that if I had woken up and opened the windows, I could have seen Kyoto on fire. Like a scene from the Great Tokyo Air Raids. At that time, B-29s dropped bombs from just the ecocentrics esclavo meters above. People could see the red reflection of fire on the ground on the bodies of the B-29s. Hotta s novels are that real. I replied to Hotta, Its not easy. , to which Hotta said, Then how about Rojou no Hito? After that, I have always considered about the concept of Houjouki Shiki. For example, for the bombing scene in Howl s Moving Castle, for that I got imagination from Hojouki Shiki. My experience of being bombed was just little.

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