Murder loves killers too trailer

Murder loves killers too trailer

YES! A mobile phone monopoly! What could possibly be wrong with that? Blieve it or not there are people that want to see blu-ray on macs. Just because you dont doesnt mean others do. people are treating blu-ray like it will take over your system. thats not the case. It will be great to have support for Blue ray, then again I believe B R is a total waste of time and it will be dead in a few years time. can we say the same for macs and apple in general?:rolleyes: You obviously dont own Blu-ray or have an appreciation for motion pictures in high resolution. He doesnt. He might as well just watch VHS as DVDs are a total waste of time Bluray is really DVD 0 if he doesnt like the features of blu-ray then he wont like the DVD features ad they are basicly the murder loves killers too trailer thing, just more interactive. Once almighty Steve says that Blu-ray will be included to Macs and in his typical style tells how awesome it is and how good 1080p looks, most people here will start to support Blu-ray. Until that happens, its the same old Apple doesnt support it yet, so it isnt cool story. I know. People need to grow up and have an open YES! A mobile phone monopoly! What could possibly be wrong with that? Well, the way it is in the USA, were going to get down to 2 large mobile phone companies tied to traditional POTS. Instead of competing against POTS, they are welding mobile phone services with POTS to protect their near monopolies. Unless something happens, it is going to be between AT T and Verizon Wireless. I would like to see Vodafone a purely wireless international phone company enter the market without the strings that are currently tied to them. They were stupid for having merged Vodafone Airtouch with what became Verizon Wireless because since Verizon backed CDMA, it did not bring cost savings from the rest of Vodafones holdings. Thus if Vodafone sold or swapped their murder loves killers too trailer 50% stake in Verizon Wireless to AT T in exchange for AT Ts wireless division which like Vodafone backs GSM then wed have an international heavyweight that could compete not just in terms of mobile service, but mobile service against POTS. A monopoly on POTS is just a monopoly for poor and old customers. It is dying off like non-broadband 56k ISPs. Let AT T and Verizon merge. Sure, theyll have a monopoly, but theyd then combine AT T U-Verse and Verizons FIOS fiber optic television services together and that would lead to a really serious competitor to cable tv providers and the satellite services. It would be a next-gen slugfest. It might even cause the eventual company built from the merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable into lowering prices. And then they all will be competing against DirecTV which will have acquired Dish Network by that time. However, BluRay will be the last 2D film format.

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