In a spiral state trailer Most

In a spiral state trailer

Most likely, these guys are only alive either because they deserted when things started to go wrong and looted their base after it had been abandoned, or because they in a spiral state trailer given assignments in the rear where they couldnt screw up and get the useful soldiers killed. This alone explains most of your complaints about these guys, but simple logic does that for most of em, too. liberal use of their guns considering that hello ! no one is manufacturing bullets anymore. Remember guys? Big plague, collapse of civilization? Ring a bell? So? They only need to hold in a spiral state trailer for another week, maybe two, max. Assuming they stripped that base of every hand-grenade and ammo clip iot had, theyve probably got enough for months. No precautions against getting infected whilst defending the compound from the zombies. I swear I saw, in one scene, a couple of the army guys get splattered by zombie remains after blowing up a bunch of them with an rpg. I thought they were screwed for sure, but no. They walked back in after the battle fit as a fiddle, no spastic movements, no cat-choking-on-a-hairball sounds, no sudden switch to digital camera. Yeah, I thought that they were hosed, too. But, the one nice thing about this virus is that there is absolutely no doubt if someone is infected. Symptoms present almost instantly. Sure, they should have taken more precautions. But theyre not very smart people, so they didnt. No precautions against getting infected by the zombie theyd captured aside from a single rusty chain. Heck, that head army guy was standing about a foot or two away from him. Bodily fluids easily could have crossed that gap. A little spittle, a little projectile vomitting, and uh-oh. Failure to follow the obvious, common sense rule that dictates that if you and your mate are in a dark mansion with zombies running around loose, you do not, for Gods sake, split up. See above for both of these. Failure to follow the eminently sensible maxim elucidated by one Scott Evil, in which, once youve decided to shoot a guy, you get a gun and shoot him. You dont detail a couple of your guys to march them through the woods to an execution site and then shoot them. Not necessarily. These guys arent a disciplined fighting force, but neither are they heartless psychopaths.

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