Coming soon Any other ideas?

Coming soon

Any other ideas? What do you think of the first ideas I posted bad blitzer slam? Please feel free to post and everybody. oh, sorry for about Bad Mount Slam as another idea for a name? More rhymes welcome. Nice work, everyone rhymes posted. okay, forget names for a while. Im also open to having people alternate in like a team effort I think you know what Im talking about. Or we could form teams and battle teams. Other suggestions are welcome. He started it, he cant distinguish this He set himself on fire, but he cant extinguish it Someones gonna get hurt, someones gonna cry who even cares, I ask you who because nobody has the answer, not even himself Hes unhappy with himself, but the solution must come from within Thanks to him, lots of perfectly fine threads are shut down He sets himself on fire, then yells flame war Yeah, thats the sort of stuff Id never think to do The world wouldnt be the same? Hes a mod, rhymes like you, but Chev he is not But until he does, who can tell? Hmm. I only know one mod who has changed his name. cmountford: Im going to hurt you, little man. I was quite happy to let this thread go on, but apparently me being impartial isnt good enough for you. I can paste my and your PMs here, if youd like. Let me know. Ive reconsidered, and have kept this thread open. cmountford: Im not sure exactly what your problem is, other than you being a teenager and older people dont understand you, which makes you special because thats never happened to a teenager before. What exactly did I, or another name-changing mod, do to offend you so? yawn: come on, hurry up. Im falling asleep here, bro. looks too easy, not much skill Chevy: Do it. You know you want to. DDDD come on, hugh be a good sport although not quite a battle, you made your point looks too easy, not much skill Chevy: Do it. You know you want to. DDDD Good job, hugh! This message is a way to not edit my last rap I didnt see your most recent post until after I wrote mine. Your skill has warranted you being named a cool member of rap battles thread. : Thats the spirit! The spirit of the battle, of course! You got the rap, you got the rhyme was that good for newbie to rap? whatsitsname, Im just gonna call you hatsitsname. witname is much easier to use as a rap rapping out loud with your full name and youll see what I mean Spread the word around, rap battles is the place Even if you think youre bad, just give it a try If youre new to rap, we wont jump all over you Note: If youre new to rap and/or realize your rhyme skills need improvement, just say so at the beginning and ask for suggestions on how to improve. If you want to battle someone, be sure its clear who you want to battle, and then just make up some stuff about them that makes them sound bad. If you challenge someone to a battle but want constructive criticism as well as the person youre battling going easy on you-just say so Thanks, guess thats all for now W00t! I got a performance 11-25! 23rd November 2003, a stupid mistake because Im sleepy. Im sure youll see what it is. I guess you could change the one line to your first rap made mine sound pretty lame God, Im tired and :rolleyes::p edit: I might mention that I was wrapping up some last minute details with some fans who were going to dance with me up until the last minute they decided not to at the beginning of the the initial noise was just from people who heard my name called but hadnt seen me yet. When it gets loud is when I walk on. ; Too bad I dont have a website but given I have no income, I have no interest in paying for a website, no matter how cheap they are Actually, now I do sort of have a !!!!!!!! And I have 100 MB web space! The sound system sorta sucked, and the mic pickup on the video camera I obtained the audio from left a lot more to be desired. It was in a big gym, so theres a big echo, and a bigger sound system would have been nice. If you listen closely, at about 1:34, you might be able to hear a certain group of girls chanting go go If it wasnt in the Recycle Bin. Who wants to start the toast? Says me, with both feet on the ground You hairs a mess, your hearts racing you, your family even your dog cant stop pacing Stop it, reset it, then we might get along i stop and reset the clock, but there is no sense before you can blink, much less take a breath Your blood runs cold, you realize your defeat Now that its too late, you can only think back because now your face is bloody, ripped up, slammed in a car door Not much worse now, didnt have half a face to score Your face was about as ugly, but now its much worse Ive dropped my lines, go home like you should Better give up now, and save your reputation just remember, Im the exterminator who takes care of an infestation yeah, you heard me, i said school im maybe beaten up, but im still standing UH, yeah, yeah, uh, uh, yo, yoyoyo, yo, uh, yeah, yoyoyo Shrink shrink, blinkety blink, try to make me think. Make me wanna go ta my sink and vomit, clean it up with comet. Earth is my pl-ah-net Yo, you be diggin up in hurr? You know I thug em, fuck em, love em, leave em Take em out the hood, keep em lookin good Talkin bout, Whats the reasons? Im a pimp in every sense of the word, bitch Then its, beep beep and Im pickin em up yo, yoyo, gangster, where my dogs at? yo yo yo, im going, im gonna give a shout out to all the player haters. if ur a player hater, dont hate on me. im straight up. grrr, im steaming mad. ima gangster, ima a straight up G. the gangster life is the life for me. Shooting people by day, selling drugs by night. being a gangster is HELLA tight.

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