Tru loved movie I feel both

Tru loved movie

I feel both formats will co-exist for some time but reports of Blu-Ray slaughtering HD DVD were obviously wishful thinking. Sometimes I tend to debate quite aggressively but I welcome ANYONE to explain why my logic regarding the platform war is incorrect. Make no bones about it I will own both platforms but Im VERY impressed with the execution of HD DVD and the thought put into its design and featureset. There is a backing reason for everything I state. I was supporting HD DVD before it shipped and a bunch of people jumped on the bandwagon. Im glad I stuck to my guns on this one. I feel both formats will co-exist for some time but reports of Blu-Ray slaughtering HD DVD were obviously wishful thinking. I think it is wishful thinking that only after a month of being out that Blu-ray wont be slaughtering HD DVD come October when the likes of Philips, Pioneer, and Pasnasonic join the foray. Not to mention the X-factor, the PS3 which will do quite well in squashing the competition. Time will tell, but the wishful thinking I read is in the above post. With the whole HD DVD vs Blu-Ray fiasco I noticed some disturbing trends. Ill highlight some of them. The DVD Forum attempted to give us one format. Anyone who had product the submit to become the next DVD was encouraged to apply. Toshibas AOD disc ended up winning because it met producers desire for a HD disc that can hold a full 2 hour movie w/extras. Sony never submitted Blu-Ray but instead organized a coup of sorts along with Matsushita and the large Korean companies LG, Samsung. If were discussing why theres a format war in the first place Sony is definitely the reason. This logic is so askew, I dont know where to begin, but Ill give it a whirl. Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer and others of the BDA who support Blu-ray exclusively are all a part of the DVD Forum, but chose to create what you call a coup in the form of the BDA when Toshiba and Intel decided to change the way votes were counted within the DVD Forum to pass off their own format when all the Blu-ray supporters were noticely absent-which was supposed to count as a vote for no. So, to imply that Toshibas AOD disc ended up winning the DVD Forums vote because it met producers desire for HD disc is misleading in every way. Besides, if it met all producers desire for HD disc then why did so many CE manufacturers, IT companies, and other software companies defect to the BDA in the first place? Doesnt make sense when you look at this in a realistic and logical fashion. Also, Sony isnt to blame for this format war as you so try to weakly conclude. There is equal blame to go around both on the HD DVD side as well as the Blu-ray side which is comprised of much more than just Sony-a point I will continue to repeat when you attempt to paint Blu-ray as a one pony show. Both formats easily hold 4 hours of movies with audio. This covers %95 of all movie distribution yet I was consistently being told that 50GB is going to give me better quality than 30GB. ll give more time but the quality depends on the bitrate. Easily hold 4 hours, for HD DVD heh? From my understanding, a good portion of HD DVD titles are already very, very close in maxing out in their space using the most advanced codec, and we havent even seen the epic titles come out that will be over 3 hours just for the video. I just waiting for, well, theyll just have to come out on multiple discs excuse youll probably deliver. At least with Blu-ray, 50GB disce will be here in the fall, and this ought not be an issue. Sony initially wanted Blu-Ray to be MPEG2 only and after some cajoling they added VC-1 and AVC. Toshiba had always planned to use the new codecs because MPEG2 wouldnt give them the quality nor time they needed on 30GB discs. MPEG2 would have negated any real difference in disc capacity because MPEG2 like to play above 25Mbps.

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