Generation x documentary DO

Generation x documentary

DO NOT ACCEPT PASSING REPLACEMENT COSTS ONTO THE USER!!! Netflix Customer Service any number, all go to the same place Thanks for confirming my own experience, Jon C. Im nothing short of stunned at their audacity to squeeze their customers for another buck, just so they dont have to expend any effort on changing how they ship their discs. I say screw em. Im not going to spend any more of my time giving Netflix free advice on how to run a business. Ive already wasted a pile of money on them. Why follow that up with a pile of my time? As soon as a reasonable alternative for streaming is available to me, Im ditching Netflix. Simple as that. I bought into the Netflix Blu-Raystreaming system with an LG Blu-Ray. I got lucky with a deep discount on the player at my local Frys. Im now going to be watching the market for an affordable way to get the same kind of streamingrenting service from another provider with better customer service, of course shouldnt be hard to find, and when I do, Ill sell the LG player and tell Netflix where they can shove their ridiculously horrible customer service. Having same exact problem, thought maybe our mailman was doing it. This seems like it just started too, within the last few weeks. Ive been renting blurays from netflix since they started with blurays and never had a problem until now. Same small cracks. They need a better sleeve for them, like maybe hard plastic case. Another ditto at zipcode 9720 I added bluray to my account a month ago and we received 2 non-broken discs and 5 broken. It was to generation x documentary point where we never watching movies, because all the discs we received were cracked. So I called netflix support, who recommended that I contact the Postal Service to let them know the issue. The Postal Service took my statement, and I received a call the next day from my local office. They informed me that they already handle netflix discs on 8220;delicate 8221; mode, and that there is nothing further they can do. We received 4 cracked copies of Nightmare Before Christmas before I removed bluray from the account. I would be happy to pay the 4 surcharge for bluray, but bluray access means I never watch movies! Ill add bluray back to my account if and when netflix starts using a new mailer to protect the more fragile discs. I too have reached the conclusion that the plastic that is being used by Blu-ray is more brittle. That is one reason why they are probably having to raise the rates because of the replacements. They generation x documentary probably come up with a stiffer transport whatever turns out to be a good compromise to lessen the overall cost. Of the three blu-ray disks I have received from Netflix every one of them have had a problem. The first two would freeze but I generation x documentary able to skip around and finally get them to play.

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