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Just buried trailer legendado

By freeing the zombie, the girls might be killed or infected. By just buried trailer legendado freeing the girls, they will be raped repeatedly and regularly, possibly for a period of years. And I dont think Im qualified to judge wether spending the rest of your just buried trailer legendado being gang-raped by heavily armed cretins is a better or worse fate than being turned into a rage-filled zombie. Since the plan worked, it looks like Jim made the right decision. Q: Yes indeedy. I dont think anything can top that. Though I think the cherry on top of this frothy, whipped confection was the film-makers little joke, of having the protagonist Jim carry around, as his primary weapon, a baseball bat. Never really thought of that. Interesting point, and I wonder if were supposed to infer something from that choice of weapons, or if baseball is simply more popular in England than either of us suspect. Whichever, I dont see how this is particularly stupid. Maybe if it had been an American film-maker, Id roll my eyes at this, but Danny Boyle is British. If British Danny Boyle thinks a baseball bat has superior zombie-fighting properties than, say, a cricket bat, its not a stretch to assume that British Jim No-name thinks the same way. 1: Our Hero Jim, who works as a bicycle messenger in England with its super-strict gun control laws which, ok ok, I am not going to rant about, suddenly turns into freakin Rambo when he takes on a squad of fully armed and trained soldiers at the barricade, and then further demonstrates his mad, phat, but colossally unlikely skillz by shooting at, and hitting, a metal chain from about thirty feet away. In the dark. In the rain. With one shot. As others have pointed out, he only kills two or three of them, and then usually by means of surprise attack. I highly doubt these soldiers the seargent and maybe CO excepted had ever seen any action prior to the Rage outbreak, and since then, have only been fighting enraged zombie hordes. They have no experience with, and have errected no defenses against, a single, sane human who can move quietly and plot effectively. Besides which, a hero who is marekedly more competent than his enemys henchmen is hardly a feature unique to this film. Its not even unique to zombie pictures, or cinema in general. Its part and parcel of the entire tradition of storytelling in Western civilization. Probably civilizations in other cardinal directions, too, but Im only familiar with the one. 2: When Our Intrepid Heros are staying at Jims parents house, why do they stay on the ground floor, right near a big honking glass window that can be easily crashed through by, oh, say, a crazed infected zombie guy who feels no pain? Because, unlike almost everything else youve criticized this film for, this would have been an actual stupid idea. If they stay on the ground floor, and a bunch of zombies show up, they can still escape the house and try to run for safety. If they stay on the second floor, and a bunch of zombies show up, theyre trapped on the second floor. Now, in the spirit of compromise, here are a couple of nitpicks you overlooked. After they escape London, but before they get to the mansion, they come to another major city Birmingham? thats engulfed in flames. Considering the speed and circumstances of the evacuation, shouldnt every major city be burning? Especially London, which until recently had a bunch of people in it indiscriminately throwing molotov cocktails and blowing up gas stations? And, speaking of dumb moves by characters in this movie, the entire catastrophe could have been prevented if that first scientist in the lab, instead of babbling about Rage, had said, Theyre all infected with Ebola! Damn, I really dont know when to shut up, do I? I posted that into Word before I submitted so I wouldnt have to type it again, and it came out at six pages! I apologzie to anyone who had the fortitude to read the entire thing. First, although I disagreed with the OP in almost every regard, it was still a very well-written and entertaining post.

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