6 angels anime His great power

6 angels anime

His great power is in his ability to listen and remember, to communicate and to inspire. Today the history of the nation has taken a turn, but the road ahead is unclear 9201 S Stony Island Ave, Chicago Im here WE DID IT PEOPLE! WITH GOD ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! I LOVE OBAMA! It took 143 years after physical slavery to bring a black man to the mountain top. Now every black person needs to tkae that enegry and start the ending of mental slavery, black on black violence, and disrespecting our own women. Lets take this important moment in history and turn it into a chapter for black love, pride, and change. It started with PRESIDENT OBAMA now let it continue with everyone on here and around the world. DANCIN, CHEERIN, and CRYIN! Such a beautiful sight seein Americans coming together as a PEOPLE to get this thing done! Yall some beautiful black mofos I tell ya!! i can say. i was there when he got elected. now i feel like i can accomplish anything. OBAMA 0 yu are my insperation. Today is officially the end of slaverey. So all you tired azz slave azz 6 angels anime gangstaz, thugs, drop outs, step and fetch its, country bumpkin azz negros can leave with the likes of Bush and the rest of the past. You got until January to get all of your shyt out!! The negro you love to ! cutenkinky, shut the hell up! Why try to down play history? Run out like a good lil girl and go get McCain some more depends he shitted himself last night and this morning and ran through the two boxes Barbie Mc Cain bought him since you think its the worse day in history. Its people like you that 6 angels anime the law passed to slapped the EXPLETIVE out of dumb bitches as yourself. And its nothing 6 angels anime nor kinky about you all i see is dumb and ignorant! You have officially pissed me the hell off. YOU RIGHT, ME AND FRIEND IN DETROIT TALK ABOUT THAT POWER AND FORCE THAT PPL ARE ABOUT TO WITTNESS ALL THE TIME. SEE MCCAIN TALKED ABOUT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FOR AMERICA! BUT U DONT HAVE TO FIGHT FOR AMERICA. IF HE READ SUN TZU ART OF WAR HE WOULD KNOW U CAN WIN A WAR WITHOUT KILLING ONE PERSON, WITHOUT SHOOTING ONE MISSLE, WITHOUT FLYING OVER ONE COUNTRY. SEE OBAMA IS HIDING HIS STRENGTH AND MCCAIN SHOWED HIS WHOLE HAND. IT A REASON WHY ALL THE COUNTRIES WANT TO WORK AND HELP USA NOW PRESIDENT OBAMA IS THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. THIS MAN HAS BEEN SENT TO AWAKEN THE DNA IN US THAT WAS ONCE LOST IN SLAVERY LIKE U MENTION. FAR AS US BEING STRIPPED OF EVERYTHING FROM MIND TO LANGO. BUT NOW HE HAS AWAKEN A PART OF THE DNA THATS UNIFYING US EVEN IF WE DONT KNOW WHY WE SHAKING OR SPEAKING TO THE PERSON U NEVER THOUGHT U WILL SPEAK TO OR BE WITH. THIS ELECTION IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF A BRIGHT TOMORROW.

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