Generation rx studio 23 I had

Generation rx studio 23

I had a feeling since I live in MN and my problem started in the winter time, that it was maybe the blu-ray coating being fragile in single-digit temperatures. Oh well, I like Netflix too much to cancel, but I wish they would resolve it. I had perfect blurays for a few months. Then all of the sudden Ive received 3 discs in a row with the same crack. Two of them have some white sticker around the center. Im not sure if its generation rx studio 23 to anything. this is a big enough problem to put the business under. hope they figure it out Ive been a Netflix subscriber for nearly 7 years on and off and had a few problems that were easily fixable during that time. It seems that the Blu ray discs arriving damage is a larger issue than those have been. With standard def disks, there would be one or two that were scratched or unplayable, but a little Windex would usually solve the problem. The Blu ray format appears to be more fragile, in that you cant use a rag and window cleaner to fix the problems you find. Ive been on the Blu ray plan since September and didnt really have a problem until last month when a disc arrived, looked fine, but wouldnt play in my player. It wasnt a film I was dying to see, so I returned it without getting a duplicate. In the past 2 weeks I have received two more discs that either skip or freeze at various points in the film. Usually the skip/freeze is isolated and doesnt really affect the viewing, but Im paying for a subscription, this stuff shouldnt be happening. I dont know what Netflix is going to do to remedy this problem. Im not even sure they realize theres a problem. Ive been writing damaged on the sleeves, but who knows if these discs are getting retired or recirculated. I had limited success getting cracked discs to play PS3 by hitting the next chapter button while the disc was struggling to load. I believe the menu data is stored on the outer edge of the disc, generation rx studio 23 by skipping chapters, I was sometimes able to get the main title to play. Even then, I often had the movie die about 3/4 through, or skip huge chunks of the movie. I realize re-designing the envelope would be costly, and probably force them to get re-approved with the USPS, but I think they could come up with a low-tech means of using the existing envelope, and eliminate or reduce the problem. The bigger issue is getting Netflix to recognize the problem and be willing to do something about it. I think BD rentals are still pretty small for them, but maybe their BD costs are so high due to having to replace so many discs, that already cost more. Starting to see more of these cracked blu-ray discs here in Milwaukee. I have had 3 in the last 3 weeks. I agree with everyone above Netflix needs to get their Ht together and redesign the disc packaging.

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