Day zero 2007 destroying the

Day zero 2007

destroying the PLAYSTATION far as i know only the playstation 3 was able to physicaly kill other a good thing that the Wii is doing systems on the market the better. the fact that the playstation 3 is on a 10 year game support to the others which is 4-5 years is what makes the systems unique. and who would want the saystems to all be the same. you may not care but others do, just like you may not care that the playstation 3 can be loaded with LINUX so it can be used as a PC you may not care, but once again others do. the systems are all good. all have problems. but lets face it both the Wii and the playstation 3 are not even a year old on the consumer market yet. look at the xbox360 great games, has some reliability problems but that will eventualy get its all good that online is where PORNS market share is know the porn industry lost a major portion of their market their down from 90% 8 years ago now down to the argument of porn being the big factor like last time is not the same thing this time arround. and for your – ray has had porn on their discs since early 2005 in japan So let me get this straight, if toyota camry is outselling the Corvette, then Chevrolet is in deep trouble? Oh wait, the Corvette costs 3 times more because it is targeting a different market! Start picking your brains from the floor honey, the Wii is not in the same price segment with PS3/X3 It isnt even a next generation console. The real confrontation here is PS3 vs X3 Wii is just for little children or casual people, definetely not the main market. And let me remind you, the console market is like 100-150 million. I really want to see the Wii getting there in the next 5 LOL yuiyuiyu, links help support our claims day zero 2007 them actual validity. If you have anything worth reading you should be able to back it with facts instead of worthless daydreams. what is up with you guys, calm the down. stop hating each other and arguing about everything, why should you care what some 14 yr old kid says about a console day zero 2007 own. Its a product which you enjoy, you dont own it, you have very little right to defend it. smile: mister commen sense is paid by microsoft, and im sure there are sony and nintendo moles in here too. its a new form of marketing, just ignore it. and why is qj publishing biased articles like this? An article that says Blu Ray is winning, taken from? because they make advertising money from every one of our posts when we use such words as console, killzone, game, games etc etc. They want to publish articles that make people argue so they can get more visitors and in turn get more ad money, common sense, simple common sinse. Its called capitalism. Dont fight it, live it breath it, just do it. Thats my rant. And i know noone really listens on these boards, most are sick of not being listened to in real life so they publish their opinions on the net in vain hope, constantly arguing expecting a tinge of self confidence to develop from sticking it to the rest. It doesnt work like that boys, Ive hated in my time, and it did me no good. Dont hate. Just be yourself and stickup for what you believe, BUT appreciate that other people are trying to do the same thing with a differing opinion, sometimes you can be wrong. obviously the ps3 is the most technologically advanced because of blue raypictures incredible with the hdmi cable im not sayin its the best but most tho 360 is less of an advancment i have one its still awesome. I dont have a Wiiyet but my friend has one and i think its to kidish, I mean come on if ur gunna call a system Wii just go jump of a building into a pile of used tampons. Who cares if HD-DVD can read/write faster.

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