Storm warning hunter Jo That was an exciting read

Storm warning hunter

Jo That was an exciting read. I am looking forward to the book and movie, of course staring Robbie Coltrane as the dashing and daring John Heald. Yvette and I are still looking forward to our upcoming 7th Carnival Cruise, now less than 30 days away. Your posting simply confirms the professionalism that all Carnival employees exhibit. Thank you. The passengers on this cruise were lucky to have you John. I took my first cruise with you in April out of Galveston and you were a real hoot! I am sure your prefessionalism coupled with your great sense of storm warning hunter kept the passengers from feeling absolutely miserable considering the circumstances. Carnival should also consider themselves lucky to have you! Glad you, the crew and passengers are back safely. You and the crew did an outstanding job in the worse of situations. I cannot emphasize how much the fact that you are giving us an honest account of events and storm warning hunter Carnival does not prevent you from doing so is important. As someone about to sail on the Imagination and Miracle next week and the Splendor for 2 weeks in February the honesty is very much appreciated. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you, John, like buy you some new underpants. I hope the appropriate government authorities are keeping a record of what is said on this blog. My friends and I cruised the Carnival Splendor on October 10, 2010 to the Mexican Riviera. Due to the fact that you were our Cruise Director and made our vacation so fun. I would cruise again on the Glorious Carinval Cruise Ship with absolutely no worries whatsoever. You and your crew memebers are the Best! Thank you for the great memories. hi john I have never written before but now I can say how proud I am of the crew and staff on the SPLENDOR I know some of you personally and know that your are a carnival family I am very proud to say I have sailed Carnival for 25 years and will keep on singing storm warning hunter paraise to all my clients. Iw will be sailing myself in February you will be off the ship but am sure it will be in excellant condition. take care Jamaica Wow is all I have to say. Thanks to everyone for their heroism and staying calm in this situation. Great story john. Looking forward to sailing with you may 1st on the magic! I am on the edge of my seat waiting for more!!! Only you John can have me scared and laughing at the same time! So glad you are well!!! Kudos to you AND the crew. I feel honored to have sailed with you all! HOLY crap. I get shivers down my spine just from reading your account. I m one the voluntary Emergency Response Officers for my company, yet I can only imagine the emotions you and the crew must have gone though. From what I ve learned, you ve handled this situation brilliantly. Looking forward to chapter Excellent account of a job well done. I look forward to reading part Excellent account of a job well done under very dangerous circumstances. I look forward to Part Looking forward to reading the rest of the story. Sounds like it was a crazy time. You were the CD on our very first cruise in 1997 and we will be going on the Splendor this March 20 In watching all the coverage of this I have thought oh my what would we do in this situation as my husband is paralyzed from the neck down, well no elevators would have been a problem. But I know the great crew of the Splendor would help us. Looking forward to our cruise in March. I m so thankful you, the crew and the guest are all safe. Reading your description of how the entire event happened put me right there. I anxiously await the next part of the TRUE adventure. I have to say from what I have seen on the news, most guest have mentioned you by name and have given high praise for how you kept them informed and even made them laugh What I would like to know is how did the magicians help out to entertain the guests during this terrible period? I hope they were a God send to all on board. Glad you re home safe and sound All my best to you and the wonderful Splendor Crew!! Couldn t help but read your blog after the SP reference. Absolutely love it and your style. Keep up the good work. YAY! our John is back! What a blessing for Carnival that you where the CD on when this happened you are a natural to handle such a situation! I have to honestly say I am addicted to you John, I was wondering if The nutty professor had got to you when I didn t receive any FB updates on Monday.

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