The hound of the baskervilles richard roxburgh part 1

The hound of the baskervilles richard roxburgh part 1

The audio commentary track is worth listening to and provides a number of interesting insights, as do the two making of featurettes. The webisodes, on the other hand, are less intriguing. The film starts with a short prologue and intertitles, informing us of psychological experiments preformed on children in the 1950s through 1970s. We see one such girl, Jennifer, being dropped off by her mom at one of these psychological hospitals. We then flash forward 20 years later and meet the now adult survivors, including Jennifer. Shes a professor at college teaching psychology. Theres Father Lyle Dey, Beth who is a sculpture, Gina, Brent, etc. They reunite when one of their childhood friends commits suicide. Brax was a horror writer and as part of his will, he asks his six friends to find their old time capsule, something the six of them are not exactly looking forward to, as it means returning to the town they grew up in. They quickly find the time capsule, a chest, but along with the a diary, a photo, a doll, etc. , theres a very old skeleton. They decide to just get out of there, but get lost and wind up at the very hospital where they were experimented on as kids. And they are being stalked by the ghost of a dead girl. This is a movie that doesnt feature a lot of scares, or for that matter, a lot of tension. Its mostly a lot of scenes that make you say, What the hell? They dont spend enough time developing the characters, so the psychological horror elements dont have the same impact they would if we were giving a compelling reason to care. By the time the mystery of the dead girl is unraveled, we merely greet the information with a shrug. The only extras are more Miss Horrorfest Webisodes. Lena Headey plays Gina McVey, a radiologist working in a hospital, which is a the hound of the baskervilles richard roxburgh part 1 job. She has a caring and successful boyfriend, and shes going to have dinner that night with her family to celebrate her father s birthday. Its a lovely dinner, only briefly interrupted by a mirror shattering and falling off the wall. Broken mirrors become a theme for the family, but before we can dwell on that, Gina sees someone driving the hound of the baskervilles richard roxburgh part 1 jeep down the road, and that someone looks just like her. She follows this person to her apartment, only to find this woman has pictures of her and her dad. Freaked out, she runs away, but before she can tell anyone, she gets into a car accident. She survives, but her memory doesnt. Thats not the only problem, as she notices changes in the personalities of the people around her. At first it could be dismissed as just a result of the car crash, but she quickly realizes something more sinister is at play here. Im of two minds when it comes to this movie. On the one hand, it does have a cool setup and the ending is effectively done. On the other hand, it has what could kindly be described as a deliberate pace.

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