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This may also be called eco-art, Art Nature, or restoration art, and may extend to socially and politically oriented efforts known as eco-activist art and environmental justice ecoart. Examples include Soul Salmon, an art action movement of Northwest American artists, businesses, institutions and tribes to protect native salmon, and artist Deborah Small s painted porcelain brick art statement to preserve Mono Lake in California that led to a landmark public trust law case. Eco-Art was represented at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa, with a call for artists around the world to devote their next artwork to an environmental issue. In the 1975 Steven Spielberg movie version of Peter Benchley s novel Jaws, human characters battled a ferocious and malevolent shark. Real-life shark attacks are fairly uncommon, despite sensationalized media coverage. Numerous illustrations and examples of environmental art abound within North America and internationally, and may be found by reference to organizations and websites such as Enviroarts: Orion Online;, a collaborative online museum of environmental art; and Eikon, an online resource created by Artecology. Art Culture Nature, an association for the study of the arts and the environment, is an interdisciplinary organization founded in 1997, whose mission brings together artists and teachers in the fine and performing arts as well as environmentalists and educators in the humanities, sciences and social sciences who are interested in the study of the connections between the arts and environmental studies. The Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment provides links to many related environmental arts organization and electronic archives. Like water itself, the arts are not fixed, but fluid and constantly evolving and responding to change. The arts are also an ideal means by which humans explore, understand, communicate and challenge their culture, values, and ethics. The response to art may have philosophical, ecological, social, or political implications upon how societies and individuals live as an integral part of this water planet. Wurst, Gayle, and Christine Raguet-Bouvard, eds. Sounding the Depths: Water as Metaphor in North American Literature. Li ge, Belgium: Universit de Li ge, 1 Zakai, Shai. Art and Politics at the Earth Summit and Beyond and Cultivating anInterdisciplinary Approach to Environmental Awareness. Sections of a document presented as part of a Shadow Report to the Government of Israel s Assessment of Progress in Implementing Agenda 21 at the World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, South Africa, September 200 Available online at. Ice inspires both the written and visual arts. Ice sculptures may first have been popularized by Catherine the Great of Russia in the eighteenth century. Ice sculpting had both aesthetic and practical appeal in the days before artificial refrigeration, as a way of helping to keep food cold. Food presentation is still a major impetus for professional ice sculptors, as ornamental displays at weddings and banquets, but international and national ice carving competitions abound and are a popular feature at winter carnivals worldwide. Ice hotels, made entirely of snow and ice, cater to adventurous and hardy tourists at Jukkasjarvi, Sweden and Montmorency Falls Park, Quebec, Canada. See Marine Mammals for a photograph of Keiko, the real-life whale depicted in Free Willy. Copyright 2011 Advameg, Inc. February 1, 2011, Los Angeles NOW LATER 99 minutes written and directed by award-winning filmmaker and producer, Philippe Diaz THE END OF POVERTY?; THE EMPIRE IN AFRICA; RUE DU DEPART; MAUVAIS SANG will have its American premiere at NYs QUAD Cinema on February 18, and at the Laemmles Sunset 5 in Los Angeles on February NOW LATER marks Diazs directorial debut in feature-length fiction as he explores the theme of liberation political, social and sexual. This provocative mix of cerebral and sexy is part of a weeklong retrospective curated by Cinema Libre Studio, titled UNRATED: A WEEK OF SEX IN CINEMA, a showcase which allows audiences to revisit popular and controversial films that push buttons and boundaries for their frank and explicit portrayals of sex. Program details follow below NOW LATER is the story of a brief encounter of two unlikely lovers: Bill James Wortham a former international banker, now a fugitive, and Angela Shari Solanis, the beautiful, altruistic Latina who shelters him. At the top of his game, trading debt of emerging countries, Bill was part of a team of bankers who arbitraged Argentinean bonds for quick profits. When Argentinas elections didnt go as planned, Bills bank dropped their strategy. But Bill, a Master of the Universe, went rogue and continued to trade the banks funds. Sentenced to eight years in prison, abandoned by his wife and friends, and nearly suicidal, Bill jumps bail with the help of his former driver, Luis, who helps devise his escape route to Central America. On the first leg of his journey Bill is taken to East Los Angeles where Luis friend, Angela, hides him in her squatters loft, a space shes transformed into a kind of magical oasis ironically, just blocks from his former office building. Health care volunteer by day, waitress by night, Angela is an illegal immigrant and a full-time free spirit, whose political views were formed by her traumatic childhood in Nicaragua.

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