The nightmare before christmas what’s this

The nightmare before christmas what’s this

And it is only If that doesnt scream buy, I dont know what does lol. I can notice the difference between DVD 38; BD but my wife cant and we have a 50 1080p plasma tv. We usually rent movies out of the 1 kiosk at have never bought a BD and its been years since Ive bought a DVD. Shouldnt it say Blu-RUM, Blu-RUM, Blu-RUM not run? amazon is now my go to place for blu-ray movies. i think i get ripped of sometimes though. Blu-Ray is a completely unnecessary technology. At current widescreen television sizes in the neighborhood of 40-50 diagonal inches, the increased resolution is insignificant. There is no reason to spend more money on new disks and new players, and at least one very good reason not to the DRM Digital Rights Mafia restrictions on Blu-Ray disks are even more onerous than that on DVDs. While I agree that the DRM is annoying and doesnt let you back it up to your hard drive etc. , I do not agree that bluray is useless. Being someone who watches on bluray often, I can see a lot of difference in the colors and crispness while watching on bluray. I have a 46 display. I cannot say that I can distinguish an upscaled dvd from bluray the nightmare before christmas what’s this the time, but the difference is quite obvious in many cases I have seen. There is a difference in the 40-50 HDTVs from blu to dvd transfer, and its quite obvious. side by side theres a definite difference but I often forget whether the DVD I got from netflix is standard or blu ray as Im watching on a 46 samsung lcd 650 series and a PS3 for the player. I watched Once Upon a Time in the West last night and it looked fantastic. Yeah, if it were blu-ray it probably would have looked a little better but not so much better that Id really care. My biggest problem with blu ray is that in the not to distant future were going to be hit with new 4K TVs the nightmare before christmas what’s this media and Im patient enough and young enough that Im willing to wait rather than to invest a lot in the nightmare before christmas what’s this current tech. then a few years after that well have another new leap forward. I had my previous television for 13 years before I got my LCD and was happy with it. Can you imagine that anyone will be happy with one of todays TVs, 13 years from now? People made the same statements about VHS, CDs, DVDs, you name it. There are always people like bblackmoor in the bunch. Theyll download the improvements, dispute the features, and nitpick every detail.

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