Ice princess trailer I call

Ice princess trailer

I call him and say Ive been sick and the medicine I had to take made my hair fall out. Im not contagious, and Im excited to see you, but just know that I look different. He makes my day by saying, Uncle Timmy, I love you no matter what! He proceeds to wear a hat just like mine his entire visit, looking much cooler than me, justa burst of joy during this horrible time. A few days after my nephew arrives I stagger into the Arizona Cancer Center hoping for any good news at this point. The doctorobliges and tells me that my blood levels are awesome, hemoglobin and white blood cells are high, and everything else is normal. They cannot feel the lymph node at all and they are confident that any residual NHL in my marrow is gone it started at 10%. Im worried about the cramping, and while they think the worst is over, they prescribe some meds just in case. I happily feel like crap with this good news. Its been a month since my last treatment and Im in for a CT Scan to get a look at the lymph node in my abdomen. When I arrive there is a young girl probably 14 15 in the lobby. She has no hair and obviously had some sort of brain surgery based on a large scar across the side of her head. She has just thrown-up as I walk in and is crying, begging togo to her appointment. Her young mother tries to calm her down with no success. But the staff tells her that it will be a while for the machine to open. My journey is nothing compared to hers and I gladly offer my slot and she is able to get in right away. Im nervous today because I will learn the results of the CAT Scan plus, there will be another bone marrow test. However, Im excited to be here because Ive been feeling good, especially now that Im out of the Chemo phase. My hair is growing back, I need to shave almost ice princess trailer day and my appetite has been good. I dont let the medical staff do any tests until the results of my CT Scan are revealed. Im told the lymph node has shrunk nearly 90%, and along with my blood work, I should be very, very, very, very happy I know, I counted the number of verys. There is not a typical marker for NHL, but all of my levels indicate that my bone marrow is producing the right kind of cells for my body. My hemoglobin level is at 1 men should be 14 You ll remember in September 2009 they were in the 0 range because I was bleeding internally. My lymph node is 8 cmtypically about 1 cm, but mine should continue to shrink with the Bexxar radiation treatment in two weeks. Im optimistic and apprehensive about the results, but amanxious to get back into running and being fit. Oddly, Ive put on weight during this process, and while not a bad thing, it is not good weight. I wonder if I had the level of fitness I had before with Stage 4 Lymphoma rampant in my body how will I feel now? Im asked if Im excited by the news. I dont know the prognosis is now much better than before, but it hasn t sunk in yet, but the treatment really did seem to work. I also know the prayers, energy and well wishes of my family, friends and supporters played a part too. The way I look at it, I m half way through, but thisfirst half was probably 95% of the battle. Almost a year from my diagnosis and I receive a call from the Arizona Cancer Center. Test results show no involvement in the bone marrow a big fat 0%! This is great news, although Im apprehensive as to what it actually means. I ask with all the recent test results, when might we be able to talk about remission? Im thinking it may be three months, Im not ice princess trailer sure. You can say it right now they say. Really? I ask. Yeah, go ahead, they say. I say it out loud, Im in remissionIm in remission, baby! Im through the roof, relieved, excited, and in shock, crying. But for the first time in a long time when I cry, I cry in overwhelming relief. I think, chemo, I kicked your ass. But I wonder can I run again? Tuesday, June 21st The Running Man Blog revolves around the running community in Tucson and southern Arizona. Well examine a variety of topics touching on our insights, experiences and thoughts on running. Your feedback is appreciated and welcome. If you have been interested in trail running but haven t yet given it a shot, now is your chance to learn more.

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