Rocky iv part 1 full

Rocky iv part 1 full movie

Import the movie and animation in AE, and then finish rocky iv part 1 full movie transitions, compositing and titling, etc. Export uncompressed TIFF or QT. Import into a CC software at a professional facility I dont have a good monitor nor do I have the eye for color. Export uncompressed HD in TIFF or QT. This is my MASTER, I hope. This is another 300GB of HDD space. Im adding music and sound with this, Dolby 1 Stereo. Encode M2V for DVD. Which format do I need to encode to for the Blu-ray Master? More importantly, will the uncompressed MASTER I have above be good enough for a film-out? Will 1TB of HDD be enough for this whole operation? Does it have to be on RAID, since Im doing 720p? Im avoiding ProRes, Cineform or Sheer. I really like what theyre saying about Sheer though, but for the extra file sizes, do I really need it? Maybe Im missing something here. Do the file sizes go out the stratosphere when Im working with them in AE? Heres the laptop Im gonna be using for this whole operation: Please dont laugh. Where do you think Ill screw up? I hope to wind up this issue soon, as Ill be digitizing my footage in 2-3 days! Thanks a million for your considerate help. Ive really learnt a lot of new things the last few days. Regarding EDL, should I be noting down the Timecode manually for each cut when Ive done with it in FCP? Then Ill just mark the tapes which standard?. Then I hope for the best. Is this the best scenario, or is there a software than can make life easier? I will be working with the Editor here but Im not sure if she is good enough with this. Location: Auckland, New Zealand Hi Shareesh, your workflow seems pretty sensible, especially up to the point where you export the film to an uncompressed format. At that point TIFF, uncompressed QT or even DPX export this would require additional tools would all be possibilities best to ask the place doing the colour correction their advice first, each place will have their own preferred workflow. As for an EDL assuming that the HDV captures correctly and none of the tapes have timecode issues, and you label your Reels and takes etc in a sensible manner in Final Cuts Log and Capture window note ALWAYS save your project with a sensible title before you begin capturing, and use a strong naming convention for your shots and takes etc. then an EDL will be automatically be able to be generated by Final Cut. If when capturing your HDV, you dont capture through Final Cut e. g you were to use mpegstreamclip and just import the M2V files, or you had timecode issues and had to just crash record from the deck then the EDL would not match the timecode on the tapes and an automated EDL would not work. The advantage of manually logging your clips with pen and paper would be if you needed to rebuild the project say the hard drive with the rocky iv part 1 full movie on it crashed and Final Cut had timecode issues while capturing, or the place you are doing an online at wants to digitize off the masters but your EDL doesnt work, you would at least know where on each tape you rocky iv part 1 full movie be able to find each clip and the process of reassembling the timeline would be much quicker. Given the bitrate of Uncompressed 25P 720 bitrate your final films uncompressed footage is likely to clock in somewhere around that 300GB amount, possibly more depending on your format TIFF, QT or DPX and bit depth 8bit or 10bit You shouldnt need RAID0 unless you want to be able to play back your uncompressed video in real time no need to do this, for inserting your effects into your offline version, just make a compressed proxy render as a temp to see how they are working out, and use the uncompressed at the online only. 1TB may be enough, too little or way more than enough depending on your FX/3D shots etc.

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