The family stone movie Too

The family stone movie

Too many film industry execs with MBAs and JDs and not enough with common sense and a set of balls. But as long a they push their failed business model, the demand on pirated materials will remain high and as such the pirates will supply that demand. Cheap electronics, Tax Free Buying only at Watched a 10 gig download version several days ago. I would pay to see the 3D version but it did not play in local theaters. I sorta agree with one of the early posts saying we will just have to wait for the old folks to die before we see change although retiring will do the trick as well as death. The war on pirates will be even less successful than the war on drugs. All the efforts at stifling only leads to greater innovation on the part of the pirates. There are now very the family stone movie blogs covering and reviewing the quality of the latest pirated releases and sites announcing openings at private trackers. Somebody throw the RIAA and MPAA a towel so they can throw it in. Because you feel that Its a losing battle against DRM on movies, should those that are knowledgable about the issue merely sit back and accept it? I the family stone movie disagree with your view. Because the average consumer in uneducated in this regard, we need to continue the fight against DRM and work to educate the public. It angers me when I play one of my DVDs Blu-ray or old school and get the stupid FBI warning about piracy. I bought the damn DVD, so Im not a pirate! Besides, as I am Canadian, the FBI are an irrelivant entity, but thats beside the point. If the government used drugs in our water supply to maintain control of the public, but the vast majority of the public were the least educated in this regard, those that were educated have a moral duty to spread the word. At least I would hope that some would do so. This issue is not quite at the same level, but my point is clear. Just because the majority are unaware of the issue is not reason for the rest to be lemmings. There is only marginal quality difference. I did a test with a BluRay and a regular DVD which was upscaled and COULD NOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE. Are you just color blind, fully blind or are you using a std def TV? The sound, definition and color spectrum on Blu is in a completely different league from DVD. If the family stone movie need a connect-the-dots illustration watch 2001 on blu ray, then just try to watch 2001 on DVD or vhs, honestly. the DVD was so bad. Oh, and use a BD player or at least a high-quality BT for your comparison. That being said, this case is just another great illustration of why DRM is useless crap and unforgivably stupid, as are unskippable ads on a purchased, sorry licensed, product. I have a blue ray rip and Avatar the was 1 gig in 720 format that I found out in the wild. I rented Avatar from Blockbuster I know Im evil, but heyand there was no unskippable crap. I was shocked to say the least. As for their DRM, its like putting on a condom after you notice the burning sensation. I agree. I dont worry For the same reason that all the late 70ies and 80ies IP is comming back into style Look at the slew of comic books movies scince the early 2000s Later on, DRM and all the copyright business will die off. Because the younger generation that had t live and walk through all the muck will eventually take power.

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