Crossing over movie 05 beta

Crossing over movie

05 beta Approximate total content: 01:28: 802 21:45:38 PHASE ONE, Encoding Reached retry limit. Aborting. 21:57:41 Failed video encode, aborted I am using Windows I m not quite sure quite sure what is wrong, because my method has worked before using this same setup and this version of FFDSHOW. Do I have to go into the FFDSHOW video configuration and change stuff? Yes, possibly. First, make sure that you have the latest version of Windows Media Player installed. Then go into FFDshow s decoder settings and make sure that the VC-1 decoder is set to WMV While your at it, make sure that MPEG-2 is set to libavcodec, as BD Rebuilder says in the log. An alternative is to erase your current BD Rebuilder directory, download the latest version, and run from scratch. BD Rebuilder should do all of the heavy lifting in terms of codec configuration for you. Thanks Adub. I changed FFDshow s decoder settings, and BD-Rebuilder did just fine with Ong Bak And yes, I crossing over movie recently download the latest version of BD-Rebuilder. What s weird is that the version I had v 06 stopped working, but v 05 works fine. Don t numbers usually go UP in these version numbers? Also, I m the one who wrote a while back and told you how when copying to BD-5, the resuting DVDR didn t play in my DVD player, and you said that since it was encoded in AVCHD, it would only play in a Blu-ray player or PS Fair enough, but by any chance do you know of a way to set BD-Rebuilder so that the resulting DVDR plays in a regular DVD player? I m guessing not, since BD-Rebuilder describes it as BD Unfortunately, no, there is no way for BD Rebuilder to put out a DVD compatible disk from a Bluray source. However, I happen to be working on a tutorial using another program that WILL let you do this. The ouput DVD will not have the original Bluray menu, but those are impossible to get on DVD s anyways. I should have the new tutorial out by the end of the day. Thank you again, Adub. One more question to make BD-5s, is a BD writer necessary? Or is a DVD writer sufficient? I crossing over movie a BD writer in my computer, but for future reference would like to know if a BD-ROM and a DVD writer a cheaper option that a lot of newer computers tend to come with these days is all that s necessary. No, a BD-5 is essentially a Bluray structure stored on a DVD disk. So, no a BD writer is not necessary. A BD writer is only necessary if you are burning Bluray disks which are much more expensive. Since i solved the issue last week, I convert to BD25 and the result folder work fine on my PC with VLC player. It start fine, audio/video, I get to main menu, select start movie, and then only audio is fine but video is just a black screen. Any experience like this? Right today there is a new version of BD-Rebuilder. Program works like a charm. Ripped a brand new released movie with AnyDVD HD to my Hard Drive. Ran BD builder as the movie was too big for a 25G Blue ray. Shrunk it down, crossing over movie it to a 25 Blue ray disc with ImgBurn and its perfect. I could not believe how easy it was. Only question, if I set BD Rebuilder to auto burn to disc with IMGBurn, does this mean it does it on all auto once conversion is done. ? anyways this is a great program that deserves the highest amount of Kudos possible. Yes, once BD Rebuilder is done with the conversion, it will automatically load up IMGBurn provided you have it properly installed and begin burning the disk provided you have a blank disk in your burner drive.

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