High fidelity jurassic 5 lyrics

High fidelity jurassic 5 lyrics

I could play the first 15 mn of the movie and then my PS3 would come up with a 80029940 error, as many others have experienced. However, I DONT have the crack. The disc is pristine. I have no clue what the problem could be, I tried to clean the disc and it still blocks at the same point in the movie. I high fidelity jurassic 5 lyrics the same problem with Planet Earth. I also have a subscription to Gamefly and my PS3 games are shipped in a very tick sleeve. I guess they acknowledged and corrected the problem, contrary to Netflix. Whoever starts shipping movies in ticks sleeves, I take my business to them. I have had Netflix for almost 3 years and have never received a cracked disc until tha past 6 weeks. Out of 8 bluray disc 5 had the same small crack on the edge of the disc. I received 2 bluray in a row with this small crack. It probably would play most of the movie but I would rather not risk having the disk explode, destroying my PS HI guys. I just wanted to say that I have not had a similar experience. I have received at least 10 Blu-ray movies from Netflix and high fidelity jurassic 5 lyrics not had one problem until I received Untracable today. I have a feelign if thay all have an identical crack that the mail sorting machines are to blame. I do not see how better packaging could prevent the cracks from the torsion on the disks as they are processed by the USPS. I think the issues is just that BDs are too thin. Same problem here. Its gotten so bad that I turned off the blu-ray option in netflix and went back to standard definition disks! Of all the bluray disks Ive received I estimate 70% have been bad. Probably 20 bad disks since I got the player. How irritating! Not only do my blu rays dont play but others have been showing up completely broken in two. Anybody know of a way to get around this through another company? Thanks for posting this. My husband and I bought a blu ray player in January and have had the same problem with Netflix. The disk will start to play and then after a very short time we never get to the actual movie will shut down.

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