Amsterdam guster From letting

Amsterdam guster

From letting go of the two rope to rocketing into the channel in a gale of compressed air and spray, the apex of one mans life all came together in a mere ten seconds which shook the surfing world. In August of 2000, Hawaiian big wave waterman Laird Hamilton, one of the creators of tow surfing, was pulled into the largest wave of the day by jet ski in the sleepy town of Teahupoo. Hamiltons feat including being sling shot over a thick ledge where the wave hit the reef and almost tripled in size, which would have ended in severe injury or death if not successfully executed. This movie really takes you back to the REAL reason we surf and thats the joy of the ride and being one with the wave. What an incredible thing to see big waves on the big screen too! Even non-surfers would greatly enjoy this movie, its funny and at the same time it really taught me some life lessons, not just surfing ones. I would recommend it to anyone. And if you do surf and you want someone you know to understand why you do it, show them this surfing DVD movie, theyll get the picture. In Black and White is an in-depth profile of 6-time world surfing champ, Kelly Slater Riding Giants, before he went on to be the most dominant and influential surfer of all time! In Black and White is arguably one of the best surf films of all time on the most exciting surfer in the world! The Search Classics Box Set Includes: The Search 1992: An Indian Ocean Sojourn. Search 2 1993: See explosive surfing at big J-Bay, perfect Indo secret spots Beyond The Boundaries 1994: Filmed in the worlds of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, Australia, Hawaii, USA remote tropical islands. Feral Kingdom 1995: Watch days of endless perfection blur into weeks of mindless gouges and deep pits, get down and dirty with a band of the worlds best surfers as they turn their backs on society. Searching For Tom Curren 1996: The definitive portrait of the Master on The Search. Tom Currens surfing has impacted every surfer in the world over the last 10 years. Kelly Slater Inner Visions 2005: Starring Mick Fanning, Jamie OBrien, Ben Dunn and Three-Time World Champion Tom Curren rolling the dice and scoring insane waves in uncharted waters Exploration, epic waves and some of the worlds best surfers going crazy! An amazing movie with only the best surf footage ever released onto a 16mm film. Jack Johnson not only a gifted surfer, and singer/songwriter, but also a movie genius. The visual aspect of this movie is great, the surf adventure is amzaing, and it even has an awesome soundtrack to back it up. Rad job Jack I give it 2 enthusiastic thumbs up! From Mick Fanning tearing at J-Bay to Jamie OBrien barrelled at Backdoor, Deeper, faster, harder, higher From Mick Fanning tearing at J-Bay to Jamie OBrien barrelled at Backdoor, Fresh from the success of his profile video FANNING THE FIRE, the worlds fastest surfer joins Pipeline charger and new-school aerialist, Jamie O Brien, to lift the levels of surfing progression. A tight, fast, well-edited surf video, with teen sensation Dane Reynolds boosting at Trestles, Australian prodigy Travis Lynch letting loose in Indonesia, and European junior champ Pablo Gutierrez threading throaty barrels off the coast of Africa. The action never stops in this surfing DVD Kevin Connellys amazing footwork winning him the MSA Club Classic contest at Malibu; one of the best days ever at Swamis; Cardiff, Rincon, and even the Wedge going off; Joel Tudor free-surfing Cardiff and styling his way to victory at the US Open at Huntington; and an hilarious section featuring a radio a controlled surfer ripping HUGE to him gnarlburgers. Longboard Fever is a must have. the DVD also contains 20 minutes bonus footage! Twenty-eight years after directing the documentary The Endless Summer, Bruce Brown went on a similar quest with two surfers to find the perfect wave. With a bigger budget and more sophistication in the production, this sequel is even more spectacular. What is lost in innocence-which The Endless Summer was rich in-is made up for in stunning looks at pristine beaches on exotic and even unlikely for example, Alaska shores. Jeffreys Bay is one of the natural wonders of the surfing world. A perfect right point break en route from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town on Africas southern tip, Starring: Kelly Slater, Mark Occhilupo, Damien Hobgood, Joel Parkinson, Mick Fanning, Taylor Knox, Dean Morrison, Taj Burrow, Dan Malloy and more Music By: Blood of Abraham, Dynamite Boy, Phunk Junkeez, Richmond Sluts, Jay Soul, The Hangmen, and Get Set Go. An incredible film for young and old. A tribute to the fact that life doesnt end after A healthy mind and attitude can carry a person well into their 90s. Doc Ball is an example, still surfing at the age of There is joy, laughter, and even a few tears, a film that is touching and filled with the Aloha Spirit. Docs photography was published worldwide in The Encyclopedia Britannica, National Geographic Magazine, Life Magazine and the London Dailey Mirror. Lensman covers Docs relationship with the Father of Surfing, Duke Kahanamoku. Includes a breathtaking sequence of Doc skateboarding down a a steep hill at 92 years old. Warren Millers attempt at creating a good surfing movie has failed here. He should stick to filming snow sking that hes best great surfing highlights are on this tape but its attempt at drawing in much interest is weak at you want to see plain old surfing highlights and a few big waves, then this isnt all that bad. The music, the direction and fun are not in this one though like youd get out of most Bruce Brown surfing movies. Learning to Surf with Surfer Joe is a three part series intended to take you from solid ground with information you need before you jump in the ocean and invest in equipment through basic surfing skills and finally to advanced surfing in Part This surf DVD takes you on a spiritual journey from surfings evolution on the shores of Hawaii to the beaches of Southern California and the world. Follow four world-class surfers living the lifestyle most only dream about for three months these adventurers drive their Chevy Suburban from dusty Baja to tropical mainlands Puerto Escondido. Siestas Olas, Spanish meaning naps and waves, beautifully captures the true travel experience. The fourth surfing movie Bruce Brown made travels to Mexico, California and Florida, along with a trip to Australia and Hawaii with Phil Edwards.

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