The peacemaker 1997 part

The peacemaker 1997 part one

Why is it that every movie made by a woman has men who sleep with any woman that moves? This is a tired stereotype and its unfortunate that this film uses such a hackneyed notion. The Kids are All Right is about Paul meeting his sperm recipients and disrupting their home life. Paul hires Jules to work on his garden and she initiates an affair with Paul. This is another device that Ive seen time and time again and I am somewhat shocked that a lesbian director would have a lesbian woman have sex with a man. And that Jules has intercourse with Paul numerous times doesnt feel realistic even though it is meant to at all; it actually comes across at laughable and its clear that this isnt the intent that Ms. Cholodenko had in mind. Maybe Ive seen way to many films, but I felt while the ideas and characters in the film fresh, the story moved in a very predictable fashion. Its obvious that every time Jules says to Paul this affair has got to stop and Paul seems to agree that they will end up in bed together. When Nic starts warming up to Paul and goes to the bathroom, its obvious what she is going to find there. The consequences of the characters actions are meant to add a layer of realism to the film, but what leads to the consequences arent done in a persuasive and realistic manner. There are moments when Jules and Nic fight and moments when they hurt each other Jules with her actions and Nic with her words. Nic is jealous of Paul. She doesnt want her children to see Paul so often and she tells Jules that she feels that her children even wanting to contact Paul is a spit in the face. What, we arent enough for them? Nic says to Jules. And the answer is no. Two mothers dont replace one father and its obvious why Joni and Laser would want to contact Paul. When Joni tells Paul she is a gardener and Paul asks is she can work for him, Nic is upset about this. I thought we agreed to limit his involvement in our lives, Nic tells Jules when at the store. That Nic is jealous of the attention her children and her wife give to Paul is a plus. It is realistic that Nic would feel this way and its nice that The Kids are All Right explores such honest feelings as jealousy. Besides for the unconvincing affair, another problem with the film are the characters. While the characters are given depth to them, they arent particularly interesting and likable which lessons the films dramatic impact. For a drama to work the audience has to care about the characters on screen; and besides for Paul, Joni and sometimes Laser, the other characters werent particularly sympathetic. While I think Annette Bening did a good acting job and added the appropriate layer of acid wit and coldness to her character, she wasnt just cold to her family but to this reviewer as well. And while I think Mia Wasikowska as Joni and Josh Hutcherson did the best they could do with their characters, Joni and Josh werent particularly interesting. Only Mark Ruffalo as Paul comes across as a relatable character and thats due more to Mark Ruffalos skill as an actor than Lisa Cholondenkos skill as a writer and director. Another problem with the film is its humor. The mixing of humor and drama is badly paced.

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