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Simply connect your portable audio player to the audio input jack on the battery box of the shirt and power it on you will need a male-to-male headphone cable, not included. The Soundtrack Shirt amplifies your music and you can use the volume control on your portable audio player to control the volume level of the shirt. This unusual shirt was originally a joke product for April Fools day. But after your overwhelming positive response and hundreds of e-mails screaming to make the damn shirt already we went ahead and made the damn please enjoy. Accidentally remove the original MP3s that came on the shirt? Click here to download the 8 MB, save to your hard drive, unzip the file, and place on the SD card as usual. Requires 4 AAA batteries. Not included Unplug battery pack with remote from cable and remove. Peel Velcro-backed speaker from shirt, pull out cable, and remove. Ingredients will be gathered Caffeinated Nixie Donuts will be a reality tomorrow. Well snap pics maybe a video. You know, FOR SCIENCE. Jun 20, 2011 by Christian Spicer Nintendo of America has extended the Ocarina of Time soundtrack offer to midnight tonight Pacific Time. Keep reading for the details. Nintendo of America has extended its The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time soundtrack offer, at least for a little while. Recognizing strong demand for the soundtrack and technical issues on their end, Nintendo of America is giving fans a longer opportunity. Now Club Nintendo members that register their copy of the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D by midnight Pacific Time today Monday, June 20, 2011 will receive the soundtrack CD. So if you want to get your copy of the soundtrack CD hurry over to the Club Nintendo site and register your copy already. It s always frustrating when you need to log into a site to claim a prize, redeem a code, or purchase an item that is on sale and the site is experiencing technical difficulties making it almost impossible to register, etc. It is nice to see Nintendo recognize this problem and extend the offer. The soundtrack offer is one for the fans and it looks like Nintendo is going to do what it can to make sure they re taken care of this time around. It is amusing, however, when these types of promotions crash servers and exceed annapolis maryland downtown anticipated demand. Really Nintendo? You didn t expect an offer relating to one of your most beloved and well-reviewed games of all time to be met with huge demand? Some people bought their 3DS at launch just for this game. You better expect they were more than excited to sign up to get their free soundtrack as soon as possible. Then again, it must be hard to really plan accordingly for this type of thing, since it s not like Nintendo does this every day and knows exactly what supply to keep in stock, or what the expected demand should be. These soundtracks aren t like milk at the grocery store. Still, this new deadline will hopefully allow more people to register their copy of the game and start enjoying the soundtrack. Did you pick up The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D? Have you registered your copy yet with Club Nintendo? How long do you think it will take Nintendo to get the discs out to those that registered? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. After reading this article, people also read: I registered mine Sunday morning and ran into an issue I saw annapolis maryland downtown of people had, I called when their customer support line opened and they told me it would take 2 days to look at the problem and it took 2 hours instead! My order now claims as of July 5th mine will be sent out and it will take 1-2 weeks. I ve never had an issue with things ordered from Club Nintendo so I trust it. Also, their customer support was super nice and sincere, plus has the best hold music. The surveys can be tedious, but it s free so whatever. I just wanted the soundtrack and I guess it s calmed my only complaint of why were we one of the only countries to not get preorder bonuses? Want to change your avatar? Use a valid email address or risk being banned from commenting. If your comment doesnt show up immediately, it may have been flagged for moderation. Please try refreshing the page first, then drop us a note and well retrieve it.

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