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What do you know: These two companies were battling in court only days ago, accusing each other of intellectual property infringement; they have settled, and now are strategic partners A few years before winning the 1978 Nobel Prize for literature, Isaac Bashevis Singer published one of his more popular books, Enemies: A Love Story. The book s title also captures the following: San Antonio, Texas-based SecureInfo and Ashburn, Virginia-based Telos have settled all pending litigation between them. The District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia dismissed the suit filed on 6 May 2005 by SecureInfo, and the counterclaim filed 7 November 2005 by Telos. Under terms of the settlement, claims that Telos infringed the intellectual property or copyright of SecureInfo, and that SecureInfo infringed Telos patents granted or in process, have been mutually dismissed. This is just the beginning, however. During the litigation process, Telos and SecureInfo executives identified several major partnership opportunities which would provide each company with new security offerings for customers in both government and commercial markets. As a result of this realization, the companies have formed a strategic partnership. SecureInfo will OEM and market the continuous assessment and process enforcer capabilities developed by Xacta, a wholly owned subsidiary of Telos, as part of SecureInfo s certification and accreditation product solution. Telos will bolster its information security solutions by offering SecureInfo s Remote Managed Security Services. SecureInfo CEO, John Linton said: We respect Telos leadership in continuous assessment and information assurance and its management team as a strong, well established security solutions provider. Telos CEO, John B. Wood, said: We recognize SecureInfo as a market leader in managed security and compliance solutions. If the new relationship between the two companies bring Singer s book to mind, they also remind us of one of Oscar Wilde s one-liners the line, from The Importance of Being Ernest, refers to women, but applies to the corporate world as well: Women call each other sister only when they have called each other a lot of things first. 2009-2010 News Wire Publications, LLC If you are suffering from a recent breakup, it may be very difficult for you to believe that you will ever be okay again. The pain may be so overwhelming that you find it hard to sleep and even harder to get yourself out of bed the next morning. You may feel like the world is crumbling around you and you just dont have the energy to pick up the pieces and put it back together. Where do you go from here, how to move on? Dont give up. Although the pain may be intense right now, it will ease over time. One day you will wake up and find that even though you still miss your ex, you are ready to move on with your life without them. Surrounding yourself with supportive family and friends can help. Choose the people you spend your time with wisely. Although family members usually mean well, they can often cause more pain. Words like I told you he/she was no good or If you had only listened to, will only make you feel worse. Now you have to add feeling like a fool to your list of adam sandler airheads part 1 thoughts. Friends may have their own agendas as well. Even those we consider close friends may be prone to jealousy. They may secretly be pleased that your relationship has ended. These people are not likely to be much of a help to you either. Notwithstanding these examples, finding the right friends and family to spend your time with is a great way to help yourself heal. There is nothing better for a broken heart then being surrounded by those who care about you most. The best thing that these people can do for you are to keep you from getting too deep into your pain. Many people, after ending a relationship, have a tendency to blame everything on them. If you have been doing this, your friends and family can help to remind you that it takes two to make a relationship work and it also takes two to break it apart. Realizing that you are not entirely to blame is a good step towards recovery. They can also keep you from doing foolish things to try to win back your ex. It may be that finding your way back into your exs adam sandler airheads part 1 is the right thing for you; but you wont make it happen by calling them 15 times a day or lurking around their car waiting for them to get off of work. You have to wait until you have healed a bit and plan carefully if you want to be successful. You need to move on and get over your ex. It is the thing you need to do NOW to stop struggling with your ex memories and get on with life. You wont want to miss this information if you have just 5 minutes by visiting how to get over your ex or In a perfect world, both parties in a relationship will have equal feelings for each other. Since we dont live in a perfect world, we need to think of having equal feelings towards your partner and your partner having equal feelings towards you as a Winning back trust after cheating is a challenge in the most understanding of relationships. In a relationship where things are on shaky ground it is that much more difficult. Trust is something that humans today have a tough time dishing out as Most people who cheat never intended to be a cheater.

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