Trade it all part 2 :D; im not

Trade it all part 2

:D; im not up for an arguement, just a debate. : i dont know about you, but the reason why downloading instead of buying BR/HD rips seems reasonable to me mainly because for one BR movie costs half of what i pay per month for broadband 50 average for BR, internet costs 1 so i would much rather download the movie for 15-20 instead of buying i didnt screw over my argument i was just showing you that your infrastructure would allow for BETTER downloading of movies over ours. you were the one that brought the whole speed debate into the topic so i thought i would just expand on that a little bit. maybe the infrastructure in asian countries could old out for this type of idea?? ; i think that the market for downloading would be quite large. looking at itunes movie sales for last year 7million, which is a large number within itself. having a look on ONE torrent side note 1, and two torrents i found this:: The Incredible Hulk: added 11 days ago, trade it all part 2 been downloaded 368, 688 times, Iron Man: added 14 days ago, has been downloaded 273, 571 times. now if you think that these movies have only been on for two weeks, have been downloaded many many times and are only from ONE torrent site of which the world has thousands upon thousands, then isnt impacting on the crazy if you dont think it is. imagine if there were a legal website set up for doing this with all movies. i think it would impact quite a lot with the DVD/BluRay sales market. already answered half of that My point is that even in the UK, the infrastructure could not support the kind of sales you are referring to. 300, 000 downloads of a film, is small in comparison to the world wide sales which reach off into the millions for each film. And like I said, you are comparing what you do as the norm for everyone else. In the uk you can pick up Blu-Ray films for the same price as new release what I am trying to get at is the world wide picture. In order for Blu-Ray to die users need to have readily available cheap abundant internet access at speeds over 20Mb. And when I say speeds over 20Mb I mean sustained not these false up to speeds. This isn;t the case worldwide. Blu-Ray will probably be the last of the physical media, since it will probably be around as long as DVD has. By that time, 4-7 years, connection speeds will increase, the penetration of internet into previously unconnected areas will have also increased, and hopefully the internet will have received an overhaul so that e-tailers can server at sustained high speed to the masses. On a side note, downloading films also reduces quality. There is a reason the Blu-Ray disks can hold over 20GB of data. And also with regards to your torrent argument. How many of those people would have copied movies from their friends, or bought them from the local pub, if the torrents werent about? I dont want to argue either. I just get a little aggravated when it seems people think you could stop selling physical media tomorrow, move to online downloads and think the world will be a happy place. The net would die in its current state. The best easy to place example I can think of is look at what happened when Microsoft offered Longhorn for download. As I recall they got so many downloads that they needed to restrict it to prevent the internet from stalling? Not the best example, but it trade it all part 2 what would happen if everyone starting downloading continuously. Sounds very interesting, thanks for the info. Recognize you from a certain somewhere. :D; Crazy small interwebs, huh? Hows it going? BTW, I dont know how everybody puts up with this Apple secrecy with each new product launch. Its driving me crazy although mostly because I really needed a new notebook about a month ago and this is the first time Ive really paid any attention. Its killing me to keep waiting for the actual release of new notebooks that may or may not have the features I need in a new notebook, when theres dozens of Wintel models I could get today that I know meet my needs likely dont look as cool, not officially supposed to run OS X, etc, but still available, and quite well specd. Oh, well. Patience is a virtue I suppose. Usually most torrent sites just shares same torrents than the others. Most of web services that has turned from free to charged keeps about 1% of users. So if a movie is downloaded. 5 million times when its free, it might get 5000 downloads when you have to pay for it. So it isnt self-evident that it would be very profitable. ok thats a fair point, that issue would be based around the fact that you have to pay for things rather than the issue of My point is that even in the UK, the infrastructure could not support the kind of sales you are referring to. 300, 000 downloads of a film, is small in comparison to the world wide sales which reach off into the millions for each film.

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