Without a paddle soundtrack dr dre

Without a paddle soundtrack dr dre

All of this information will help you understand the movie better. Youll pick up on details, allusions, trademarks of the actor or director, and probably have more insight into important story elements. Youll be able to tell readers how it lived up to the original, say, or the book. These are the things that help a critic write a solid movie review that is of interest to the fan. After you see the movie, formulate a specific opinion in one sentence. Your job as movie reviewer is to give an opinion of the movie. Ultimately, this may come down to a thumbs up or three stars out of five. But you want to have a specific thesis to drive your critique. For example, I didnt like this comedy becomes The story had funny moments but it went on too long. This horror movie is good becomes This horror movie works because it builds suspense right up until the end. So, try to find that very specific opinion that will be the foundation of your film review. Create a good lead. There are basic writing tips that apply to most forms of writing. One of those tips is to grab your reader immediately. You want your reader to be interested in what you have to say. Grab her in that first or lead paragraph in one of several ways: Start with a great quote from the movie, and explain how it reflects the movie; refer to without a paddle soundtrack dr dre reputation of the actor or director and compare it to how he or she did in this movie; compare this movie to another well-known film in a few sentences or two; explain what your expectation was, and then if it was fulfilled or not. Then end that first paragraph by writing your opinion statement. Recap briefly, but dont give away anything big. If youve read professional movie reviews, you know they always include a little bit of recap. Some readers like to know what theyre getting into before they lay down their money for a ticket. You can tell people the basic premise of the movie. In fact, you should write the basic premise, and tell them how the story builds, but dont give away key moments, especially not the ending! And keep the movie without a paddle soundtrack dr dre brief. Then get to reviewing. Back up your main opinion with specifics. The readers now know you think This comedy had funny moments but went on too long. Its time for you to prove it. Write about how the teen actors had good timing like they did in that other movie. Write about how the writers did a great parody of that famous film. But then add that there were too many without a paddle soundtrack dr dre involving the family or the boyfriend. Talk about the fact that there were multiple endings and all of them were long. Use specifics to make your readers see youre right. Be interesting. Just because this is a movie review doesnt mean its got to be dull. From lead to ending paragraph, make the review engaging, using metaphors, analogy, specific adjectives and adverbs in your movie ratings and reviews to create the images youre looking for. But also be concise. A review isnt a place for long diatribes or flowery prose. Then again, where is the place for long diatribes and flowery prose? Be honest in your appraisal. Your reader and the work youre critiquing both deserve an honest opinion, right? So even if you HATE that actor or LOVE that actress, when writing a movie review be sure not to hold back your true opinion of the film. Have some standards in mind. A comedy should be funny, a horror movie should be scary, etc.

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