The nightmare before christmas soundtrack end title

The nightmare before christmas soundtrack end title

For example, where is the LOTR and Matrix trilogy on BD?!? And what about all the HD-DVD releases that they still havent gotten out on blu-ray yet, despite not even having to remaster them?! Star Wars on BD would be an instant win. Think about it. When has Sony ever launched a successful proprietary technology? Beta Max, failed. Super audio disk/minidisk, failed. The PSP was the most overhyped bust in recent history. Now Blu-Ray, well have to see how that works out. Toshiba had a better product in HD-DVD that would of seen far better market saturation, and you guys know it. The format was finalized already, unlike Blu-Ray which is constantly in flux because Sony is so freaked out over potential pirating. The hardware and disks had a GREAT price point for the consumer. You werent being forced into buying a game system to enjoy the format either. Toshiba hit a home run. They were foiled because the consumer was never given a chance. Sony simply threw more money at major motion picture studios and that was that. It doesnt mean its a better product. I say product, not technology. Technically Blu-Ray is a better technology. Consumers dont care about technology, they care about PRODUCTS. They are buying products, not technology. I was fully prepared to invest in HD DVD until the nightmare before christmas soundtrack end title fight went south for them. Now Im just going to wait until Blu-Ray fails and a better format comes along thats not driven by a company who rather secretly install rootkits on everyones computers and takes every opportunity to screw the consumer. Plus they have NEVER proven EVER that they could successfully launch a format. Sony, you make great technology. Your problem is your ANTI-CONSUMER. Its the price and thats it, theres nothing else really stopping bluray from succeeding except the price and cost. bluray players on average cost 4 times as much as DVD players or even more. But then again you need a HDTV to reap the benefit of a bluray player. DVD doesnt have all those downsides. Then again, how many people actually own HDTVs?! Only good deal for a bluray player is a PS The people that really want the highest definition video and sound, understand all the the nightmare before christmas soundtrack end title 1080p vs i, HDMI vs DVI, etc, and are willing to pay large amounts of money to setup a complete system are a small minority. Most people are content with DVD. Content to purchase a movie like Fast Times at Ridgemont High for 99, rather than 99 for a Blue Ray version.

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